While improving our comprehensive competitiveness, LeadMould set up an efficient project management team to take care of each project to meet customer requirements. The project management includes ongoing management and monitoring project schedule on each process, full documentation of the whole process, beginning from mold fabrication to ending in preparation for production, keeping prompt and efficient communication between internal and customer and take good control of the manufacturing process. LeadMould will appoint experienced project managers for every project to offer customers professional suggestions, management, technical strategy formulation and implementation, as a coordinator to supervise overall project from start to end. Meanwhile, the project engineering team is capable to communicate in fluent English without obstacle. For each new project, we set up full detailed schedule and critical control points (CCPs) in design, tool machining, mold trials, production and delivery. In this case, our clients can know well about the mold process, we can completely do as customer request. Good communication leads to efficient information exchange between us, it is very essential to us so that we can timely and effectively improve production to achieve win-win.

Quick guide to learn how LeadMould supervise your projects in 4 efficient stages.

1. Publish the 1st mould information table and process schedule planning
2. Provide Design for Manufacturing (DFM) report including part optimization analysis and mould feasibility
3. Submit mold design drawing
4. Provide mold-flow if necessary
5. Submit pre-study analysis report final design review seminar

1. Preside over process technology study meeting
2. Ensure ongoing work are implemented basing on client's specifications
3. Supervise the machining schedule and tooling quality on spot
4. Provide with latest mould information table, process schedule and machining photos weekly

1. Mold FOT discussion meeting
2. Submit samples, First Article Inspection (FAI) report and injection parameter (injection videos can be available if necessary)
3. Mold correction reports (sample defects review and recommend actions)
While down to parts production phase, LeadMould will provide client CPK study and CMK document; once all data approved, next step will be into pilot run or mass production depending on client's actual demand.

According to mold check list, LeadMould inspects each items of mold (such as mould appearance, cavity / core, ejection, cooling, assembly, injection, spare parts and packaging, etc.). Together with the tooling, there'll be final 2D-3D drawings paper and CD hard copy, steel, heat treatment certification, mold operation guide and interrelated documentations in package as well.
LeadMould makes molds strictly in accordance with the standards in the prints. Mold data and project information are well recorded and filed, which greatly guarantee our future track and after-sales service.In case some problems happen to the molds, LeadMould is ready to offer clients 100% support to solve them at the first time.